Video lessons

2020 - video lessons on entrepreneurship

Lesson 1. What does entrepreneurship mean?

Lesson 2. What is marketing?

Lesson 3 Business in crisis

Lesson 4 Digital marketing

Lesson 5 Business idea and its evaluation

Lesson 6 What is a business plan and why you need it

Lesson 7 Confectionery business.

Lesson 8 Beauty salon business

Lesson 9 Tailoring business

Lesson 10 Licenses and permits

Lesson 11 Financial resources for business

Lesson 12. Bank loans

Lesson 13. Loans from the Entrepreneurship Support Fund


2020 - video lessons on taxes

Lesson 1. General information about taxes and taxpayers

Lesson 2. General information about simplified taxpayers

Lesson 3. Simplified taxpayers for production, service, retail trade activities

Lesson 4. Simplified tax for public catering enterprises

Lesson 5. Simplified tax for entrepreneurs providing transport services

Lesson 6. Simplified (fixed) tax for individuals

Lesson 7. Simplified tax on cash

Lesson 8. Simplified tax for individuals selling apartments and land

Lesson 9. General information about income taxpayers

Lesson 10. Deductions from employees' wages

Lesson 11. Simplified and Profit (Income) Taxpayers' Tax Reporting (Declaration) Liabilities.


What is entrepreneurship?

What is a business idea and how can it be found?

What is a business plan and why do you need it?

Business registration

Special permits (licenses)

Selection of staff

Financial resources to build or grow a business

What is market research and how is it done?

What should you pay attention to in business management?


General information about taxes

Simplified tax for service and trade enterprises

Simplified tax-2.

Simplified tax-3.

Social insurance liabilities

Income tax related to employment -1

Income tax related to employment -2

Rules of registration of documents and operations-1

Rules of registration of transactions

Cashless payments