Aykhan Nasibli (curriculum vitae)

+99455.766.3321; aykhan.nasibli@gmail.com 



2008 - 2009 academic year

MA, Public Policy, Central European University (Budapest, Hungary)

- Specialization: Public Finance, Governance

2003 Fall-2008 January

BA, International Relations, Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta, North Cyprus)

- Graduated with the First Class Degree (1:1)

- Received yearly updated Government scholarship


Work Experience:

September 2011- present

Vice-president, Entrepreneurship Development Foundation

November 2009-August 2011


Advocacy Manager, Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association, "Agriculture Credits Insurance Mechanism" project (part-time)

  • Advocate the project in front of key government organs (i.e.., Ministries, Cabinet, the Parliament) and the private sector
  • Oversee the research work for the creation of a mechanism to insure agriculture credits
  • Conduct monthly informative presentation for the Board and the members (MFIs
  • Hold workshops and media campaigns on relevant issues for various target groups

September 2009 - present


Freelance trainer and consultant for local and international NGOs

  • Trainer on "Trainings and Knowledge Transfer", with the GTZ and Sigma Azerbaijan (June 3, 2011)
  • Junior trainer on "Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policy Projects", with Ministry of Education and the World Bank Azerbaijan (20-25/06/2011; 13-17/06/2011; 6-10/06/2011;6-10/12/2010; 7-11/12/2010)
  • Junior trainer on "Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policy Projects", with Ministry of Education and the World Bank Azerbaijan (20-25/06/2011; 13-17/06/2011; 6-10/06/2011;6-10/12/2010; 7-11/12/2010)
  • Co-trainer, "Cost-Benefit Analysis of Public Investments", with the Public Association for Assistance to Free Economy (5-9/10, 2010)
  • Trainer, "Policy Problems as market and government failure", with CRRC (03/06/2010)
  • Training for School Principles on "Strategic planning and Leadership", with the Center for Innovative Education (21-22/05/2010)
  • Evaluation of a Project on "Increasing Public Awareness on Public Investments", with Eurasia Foundation (03-04/2010)
  • Policy paper writing on "School Governance: Shift from Management to Leadership" and training for School Directors; with the Center for Innovative Education (11/2009 ? 01/2010)
  • Designed a Project Proposal on "Empowerment of Youth and Women in Local Self-Governance Process"; with the OXFAM Azerbaijan (26-31/10/2009
  • Edited the Book(let) on "National Good Governance Agenda"; with the Economic and Political Research Center (09-10/2009)

September 2009 - present

Senior Lecturer (3 h/w), Azerbaijan State Economic University, Special Talented Group

  • "Research Design" (Spring 2010, Spring 2011)
  • "Fundamentals of Economic Development" course (2009 Fall, 2010 Fall)
  • "Public Finance" (Spring 2011), with Mr. Isa Aliyev

June 1 - July 31, 2009

Research Assistant, Slovak Governance Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia (40 h/w)

  • Developed textbook on "Public Finance" and "Economic and Social Policy" courses for the Comenius University
  • Wrote policy studies on Online Education and Integration of Migrants in Slovakia Engaged to various ad-hoc papers
  • Prepared projects in different international tenders

2008 Winter Internship


Research Intern, Hudson Institute, Center for Future Security Strategies, Washington, DC (online telecommunicating-20 h/w)

  • Collected data and analyzed events
  • Wrote a monograph: "Impact of Kazakh Oil Companies to the Development of Regional Energy Resources"

2007 Summer


Paid Internship, "Azeri Gaz Bank", JSC, Public Relations and Communications (30 h/w


  • Conducted marketing research of Banking systems
  • Supported creation of marketing programs
  • Controlled relationship with marketing agencies
  • Supervised organization of special events
  • Translated brochures and related materials


Social Activities:

2004-2006 Academic Year

President, Azerbaijan Student Society, EMU

  • Created successful team-work spirit
  • Managed and controlled related programs
  • Administered financial resources
  • Wrote reports to the International Center
  • Organized national, cultural and other relevant days



2004 Fall-2007 Fall

Dean's High Honors List


Conferences, Trainings and Seminars:

Free Market Road show (Friedrich Naumann Foundation, May 17, 2011); presented -The Future of Europe and Euro

"Globalization and Constantly Changing Dynamics of the World" (Eastern Mediterranean University, May 14, 2008), presented-Democratizing Global Governance

"Peace and Security Challenges in Euro-Atlantic Region" (Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan and NATO Public Diplomacy Division, December 10-15, 2007, Baku), presented - Perspectives of Azerbaijan in the Regional Security

"Diplomatic Glance of Caucasus" (N. Cyprus, November 19, 2007), presented - Integration to the European Structure of Azerbaijan and impact of Energy Politics;

Management of Foreign Investments (Oxford Brookes, UK, April 3-7, 2011), Intensive MBA Program (April 8 - April 21, 2010, ATLAS Economic Research Foundation), Policy Paper Writing (November 29-30, 2008), Fundraising for NGOs (November 22, 2008), Project Design (November 8, 2008 - Central European University); How to Conduct Public Policy Research (2007 Summer, Baku); Public Speaking (2006 Summer, Baku)


Language Skills:

Azerbaijani, English, Russian, Turkish, French


Latest Publications:

"Georgia: the impact of Institutional Reforms after 2004" in Georgia: Integration to Europe, Entrepreneurship Development Foundation, May, 2011with Elshad Mikayilov

"Georgia on international Records: 2004-2010" in Georgia: Integration to Europe, Entrepreneurship Development Foundation, May, 2011

"Enhancing Effectiveness of Public Sector: The Role of Think-tanks in Decision-making Procedure" in What do we want to see in 21st century: A roadmap for Azerbaijan, E-Think-tank Publication, January 2011

"Achieving Good Governance with an Effective Anti-Corruption Actions: The case study of Azerbaijan", LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2010